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Wet ‘N Wild Mega Last Nail Polish

I love to paint my nails, but hate spending tons of money on nail polishes. I also need a long lasting, durable polish that will last, I don’t have the time or energy to paint my nails every other day! I have found a fabulous and frugal polish that is definitely a blast from my… Continue reading Wet ‘N Wild Mega Last Nail Polish

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Baseball Birthday Party

A few weeks ago we celebrated our son’s second birthday. My husband and I decided on a baseball theme for his birthday party and agreed we wouldn’t make it as over the top as his first birthday bash with sixty-plus guests. We decided on having an all-American-baseball-barbecue theme for the party, thinking it would be… Continue reading Baseball Birthday Party

Cooking & Eating

Margarita Carne Asada

My husband and I love Mexican food! We even had Mexican food for our wedding! A favorite of ours is margarita┬ácarne asada. Traditional carne asada takes a long time to make; I don’t have time to spend hours in the kitchen. This is my fast, frugal, and fabulous process of making carne asada. Buy your… Continue reading Margarita Carne Asada