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Caprese – The Best Summer Snack

One of my favorite summer time snacks is caprese salad made with home-grown heirloom tomatoes!  This is the perfect appetizer, lunch or light dinner.  I often make this with grilled chicken or fish for a quick and easy dinner. Ingredients 2-3 tomatoes – I prefer heirloom, but Roma are a great alternative mozzarella slices fresh… Continue reading Caprese – The Best Summer Snack

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How to Grow Tomatoes in Containers

I love having a garden! There is something very pleasing and rewarding about eating something you have grown. Summer is tomato season and I am beginning to get a lot of tomatoes, eventually I will have to freeze them or maybe try to can them if I have the time and patience.My husband is a… Continue reading How to Grow Tomatoes in Containers