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Have a fabulous day! Count your blessings not your burdens! XO Kari Advertisements

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I love this! My family, friends, and health make me feel “rich”.  What makes you feel “rich”?  Have a fabulous day!

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Yesterday at my Bikram yoga class, the teacher ended class with this advice. I absolutely love the idea of focusing on what is important in your life. Hope everyone has a great day! XO Kari

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It’s Friday

The last week has been a whirlwind of finishing another successful school year, potty training my son, and fighting off the cold from hell! I will be back to a regular posting schedule Monday. TGIF!!! xoxo Kari

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Appreciate Everything

Have a fabulous Monday! Hope this quote gets you through the day! ❤ Kari

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Smile, It’s Free!

Happy Wednesday! Remember, a smile and confidence are your best accessories! ❤ Kari