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Be Yourself

This could be one of the best quotes I’ve ever come across! It literally applies to everything and everyone! ❤ Kari Advertisements

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Appreciate Everything

Have a fabulous Monday! Hope this quote gets you through the day! ❤ Kari

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Smile, It’s Free!

Happy Wednesday! Remember, a smile and confidence are your best accessories! ❤ Kari

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Happy Earthday! I felt this quote is quite fitting for the occasion, especially since it is my son’s birthday today! I will be back to a regular posting schedule, had to take a blogging hiatus, lots of festivities this past week. ❤ Kari

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Attitude is Everything

I was recently “tagged” in a post by the lovely Mari Jade of all.things.lady. From what I understand, this is an opportunity for bloggers to write freely about whatever they wish. I have been thinking about this post for the last week and I keep coming back to the idea of attitude. I found this… Continue reading Attitude is Everything

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You can never have too much happy in your life! We all have so much to be happy about! TGIF! ❤ Kari

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Happy Easter! Always have faith. ❤ Kari