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Smile, It’s Free!

Happy Wednesday! Remember, a smile and confidence are your best accessories! ❤ Kari

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Attitude is Everything

I was recently “tagged” in a post by the lovely Mari Jade of all.things.lady. From what I understand, this is an opportunity for bloggers to write freely about whatever they wish. I have been thinking about this post for the last week and I keep coming back to the idea of attitude. I found this… Continue reading Attitude is Everything

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You can never have too much happy in your life! We all have so much to be happy about! TGIF! ❤ Kari

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Happy Women’s Day

Happy Women’s Day! Celebrate the special women in your life today and everyday! Happy girls are the prettiest! Happiness is the best accessory. My husband wants to know when Men’s Day is, I’m not sure, so I told him everyday! I found this great vintage beach print on pinterest. You can purchase it on Etsy… Continue reading Happy Women’s Day