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OOTD: Gold Digger Coast to Coast Challenge

Happy hump day!  I have exactly one week until I go back to my job as a middle school teacher and I am attempting to get back into my “regular” routine which is bittersweet.  I love my job, but I love being home with my son even more, but the bills won’t pay themselves, so… Continue reading OOTD: Gold Digger Coast to Coast Challenge

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OOTD: Black & Tan

Hello my fabulous readers!  I have been asked why I haven’t been blogging as much and the answer is a bit selfish – I am having so much fun being a stay-at-home mom for the summer, that I don’t want to miss a moment with my son, and it is exhausting taking care of a… Continue reading OOTD: Black & Tan

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OOTD: Green and White

The weather has been crazy all over the country.  I am so over it being cold and rainy!  I am ready for the summer sun and heat! White boatneck sweater $16.19 from Banana Republic Outlet.  When I like something I buy it in lots of colors, I also have the same sweater in navy and… Continue reading OOTD: Green and White

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OOTD: Mustard & Turquoise

Mustard yellow is one of those colors that I have stayed away from for a long time.  A few weeks ago I saw a post from one of my favorite blogs FreeUrCloset about Must Have Mustard and I will admit, I was inspired!  I played it safe with the mustard trend wearing a tank top, I… Continue reading OOTD: Mustard & Turquoise

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Stack Coupons at Ulta

Looking for a way to save some money on drugstore beauty products? This weekend I learned something new, you can stack manufacturer’s coupons with the weekly Ulta coupon!  The only catch is your purchase must be for $10 or more before the coupons can be applied and obviously you must make your purchases in-store to… Continue reading Stack Coupons at Ulta

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Christmas Shopping Early

When do you start your Christmas shopping? If you are like most people, you procrastinate and wait until Thanksgiving or later before you begin your Christmas shopping.  This year, I am trying something new and beginning my Christmas shopping now, yes, now in March!  I was at Kohl’s recently and I checked out the home… Continue reading Christmas Shopping Early

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Enjoy Your Weekend!

Have a great weekend!  I am going to live by these words this weekend and take a break from the blogoshere. ❤ Kari