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Baseball Birthday Party

A few weeks ago we celebrated our son’s second birthday. My husband and I decided on a baseball theme for his birthday party and agreed we wouldn’t make it as over the top as his first birthday bash with sixty-plus guests. We decided on having an all-American-baseball-barbecue theme for the party, thinking it would be… Continue reading Baseball Birthday Party

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OOTD: Chambray and Green

The weather has been crazy the last couple of days in Northern California, as one of my students said today, “Mother Nature is being ADD!” It was hot and sunny in the 90’s this weekend and now we are having thunderstorms and it has only been in the 60’s and 70’s.  I am glad because… Continue reading OOTD: Chambray and Green

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The True Cost of Your Vice$

Have you ever wondered how much money you could save by quitting one of your vices or guilty pleasures? The Cost of Your Vices is a microsite from the eBay Deals Blog that shows people how much they could save annually if they quit their daily vices (cigarettes, coffee, alcohol, fast food, lotto tickets, sodas). This… Continue reading The True Cost of Your Vice$

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OOTD: Spring Chambray

Spring is a fun and busy time of year and I felt like dressing the part today in this spring chambray ensemble.  I am trying to get back into my blogging routine, life has been busy in the last few weeks and I am playing blogging catch-up!  Hopefully by the end of this week, I… Continue reading OOTD: Spring Chambray

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OOTD: Chambray Polka Dots

When I get dressed, I want to feel good in whatever I am wearing.  Lately, I have been loving blues and greens.  I think it is really important to feel good about what you are wearing, this can have a huge impact on the rest of your day.  Other than color, I think fit is… Continue reading OOTD: Chambray Polka Dots