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How to BBQ Tri-Tip

There is nothing better than barbecued tri-tip!  My husband and I grill year round on our Weber gas grill and our Weber charcoal grill.  We’ve found from years of barbecuing experience the perfect marinade for tri-tip and how to perfectly grill tri-tip. Marinade Recipe * All of these measurements are approximate, I just dump and… Continue reading How to BBQ Tri-Tip

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Baseball Birthday Party

A few weeks ago we celebrated our son’s second birthday. My husband and I decided on a baseball theme for his birthday party and agreed we wouldn’t make it as over the top as his first birthday bash with sixty-plus guests. We decided on having an all-American-baseball-barbecue theme for the party, thinking it would be… Continue reading Baseball Birthday Party

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Best BBQ Dinner

My husband and I love food and we have been craving barbecue.  I made my fantastic slow cooker rib recipe, all the fabulous details are here.  I also made savory mashed sweet potatoes and bean salad.  This is a fabulous and frugal meal.  The entire meal was just under $14 and we have lots of… Continue reading Best BBQ Dinner

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Slow Cooker Ribs

Ribs are a favorite in my family.  The one challenge with barbecuing ribs is the amount of time and attention they take to properly cook.  This slow cooker recipe is the most delicious, mouth-watering, falling of the bone ribs you will ever eat! Slow Cooker Ribs You will need: one or two racks of baby-back… Continue reading Slow Cooker Ribs