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Nine Mom Truths

Good morning and Happy Mother’s Day! I’ve been a member of the mom club for five years and this is what I’ve learned so far.

 1. Being a mom is the most rewarding and challenging job in the world. 

2. I understand and respect my own mom so much more since I’ve become a mom. 

3. You can function on little to no sleep. 

4. Coffee is your friend. Wine is your friend. 

5. The love you receive from your child(ren) is absolutely amazing. 

6. Your home will be clean and laundry free…when your kids move out. 

7. Make time for yourself now and then, it’s not selfish, it’s called taking care of yourself.

 8. It’s okay to ask for help and use your support system – spouse, family, friends. 

9. No one has the answers or solutions to parenting. You will doubt yourself, but know that you are doing an amazing job. I hope all of you moms and dads have a wonderful day! 

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