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Universal Truths

I struggled in my teens and twenties with this idea. Like many young, naive, and at times insecure girls I believed the smaller the size and more expensive the price of my clothes, the better.

Looking back I wish I could have given my younger self a stern talking to and realized that clothing sizes are deceptive and most of the items I saved up my babysitting and waitressing pay for were tacky trends and fads.

Before I became a mom (which led me to secretly start thrifting), I wouldn’t think twice about spending $200+ on a pair of designer jeans. I’m not exactly sure at what point in my life I felt these types of purchases were justified. I didn’t learn these habits from my parents. Both of my parents are very careful with their money and always shopped and still do shop sales, clearance racks, and thrift stores.

When I got my first “real job” with a salary, I went on crazy shopping sprees.  I will shamefully admit that I would get a thrill going into Nordstrom and squeezing into the COH and 7forallmankind jeans that were at least a size too small for me.

Fast forward ten years and I’ve learned two universal truths –

1. No one knows the size of your clothes except you. Each brand or store has their own unique sizing.  Properly fitting clothes are flattering on all body types. I look back on old pics and wish I could have told myself, just because you can squeeze into it, doesn’t mean it fits or looks good.

2. Paying full retail is ridiculous! Nearly everything eventually goes on sale, clearance, or ends up in a thrift store. I have learned that no one knows my clothes are thrifted or secondhand unless I tell them. People often tell me, “You don’t look like you shop at Goodwill.” My response is always thank you and then I proceed to tell them, maybe brag,  about how little I paid for my outfit.



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