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Why I Quit Blogging for Two Years

tee c/o crazycoolthreads

It’s hard to believe, but I haven’t blogged in nearly two years!  If you are still following my blog, thank  you, if you are new to my blog, welcome!  I have been active on Instagram, for the last year, posting my mostly thrifted and secondhand outfits, encouraging others on a budget to share and tag their OOTDs with #StyleMeThrifted.  I will be sharing more about my absolute favorite second had website thredUp!  Click here for a $20 credit for your first order.

The simple answer is life got busy. Those of you who have followed me know that I struggled with my fertility and having a second child.  After three consecutive miscarriages I found out I was pregnant in June of 2014.  To be completely honest, I was terrified when I found out I was pregnant again.  I worried that I would lose the baby, I seriously wondered if I would ever have a second child.  I didn’t know if I could emotionally deal with another loss. My emotional and mental well being was in a precarious state.  I prayed, tried to stay positive, and went to an amazing fertility acupuncture specialist, Dr. David Cherry, who I truly believe is the pregnancy and baby whisperer.

Well, I am thrilled to announce that the Mr. and I had a beautiful baby girl in February 2015!  Being a working mom of two children has kept me busy and frankly I was so sleep deprived I didn’t have the energy or time to blog.

my family of four


You may have noticed from the above pictures, that I had a hair make over. In June of 2015 I had 10 inches of hair cut and I’ve been flat ironing my hair when I have the time and energy.  I’m working on a post about how I do my ‘do straight.

I am hoping to slowly get back into my blogging groove.  I feel like I finally have the time and energy to blog and I have lots to share with you!

PS – The site is going to be under construction and will be revamped soon!