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Budsies Custom Stuffed Toys Based On Kids Artwork

We can all agree that our children’s artwork is precious and ever-evolving, yet one challenge is keeping and storing all of your little one’s masterpieces.

The solution to this challenge is Budsies!

I was contacted by a company representative and asked if I would be interested in reviewing their product. I must say, this one of the most enjoyable and easy product reviews I have ever done.

To make your own Budsie, you simply need to upload a picture of your child’s drawing. Taking a picture on your cell phone is probably the best way to do this. You include a description of what the drawing is of (in case your child is an abstract artist, i.e. still in the scribbling phase!)

Once your order has been processed, your Budsie, approximately 16” in size, will arrive at your doorstep in 6-8 weeks. Please note: Budsies ordered after 11/12/13 are not guaranteed to arrive by Christmas. Each Budsie is hand-crafted and it takes time to bring your child’s creation to life.

Of note, Budsies stuffed animals are made from safe, hypoallergenic materials. They are registered with the CPSC and have their products tested by a CPSC accredited independent testing laboratory. If your Budsie gets dirty it is suggested you spot clean it.

This was the drawing I submitted via the Budsies website.

In less than 6 weeks this package arrived at my door!

The soft, plush Budsie is a perfect keepsake of the drawing!

An unexpected and awesome extra was a framed copy of the original artwork!

I am hooked on Budsies! I will be ordering many more! Each Budsie is $59. They are a perfect gift for a grandparent, parent, or give a gift card for a special occasion and have a special child in your life bring their drawings to life!

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