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Cute Shoes From Costco

As shallow and petty as it may sound, I love shoes!  There is something very exciting and pleasing about getting a new pair of shoes.  The only thing that makes a new pair of shoes better is scoring them at an amazing price!  I continue to be amazed and thrilled by the great deals I have been finding at Costco on shoes.  The next time you are in the market for a new pair of shoes, check out Costco, you will be pleasantly surprised!All of these adorable Slim Haviannas flip-flops are at Costco for $13 a pair, right now!  I bought them in gold.  They normally retail for $26 a pair or more!
I have been buying most of my athletic shoes at Costco for years.  I picked up these cute Adidas Litestrike Eva running shoes for $29.99.  These shoes retail for $69.99! I love the bright and bold colors, the pink and navy blue color combo really pop!

I am not going to share how many pairs of flip-flops I own, but that didn’t stop me from picking up these cuties!  I bought these tan leather Flojos for $10 two weeks ago, which normally retail for $27.  These could be the most comfortable pair of flip-flops I own.  I think they are more comfortable than Reefs!

Costco has some great deals on name brand shoes!  


3 thoughts on “Cute Shoes From Costco

  1. I bought these really cute Adidas slip on and they are so comfortable. I paid only $19.99 or $29.99, I cannot remember which but they are more comfortable than my sketchers go walks and they run a lot higher in price. I should have bought more of the adidas but wanted to make sure they were comfortable and when I went back they were gone. I bought them over a year ago and wear them everyday, I want more. They had them in black and gray and they came up on the foot around 7 inches from the toe area. I looked on line and cannot find another pair like them. I am sad. They are sporty with a stripe on the back and a little adida tag on the bridge of where they end on my foot. I hope they did not discontinue but I can not find them on line anywhere.

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