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Summer Time is Here, Time to De-Clutter!

Are you ready to de-clutter your life? Good for you! It’s time to feel refreshed and renewed by saying goodbye to the old “stuff” in your life. But hold the phone, just because you may be getting rid of your unwanted things, doesn’t mean you have to just throw them away. Completely on the contrary, we’re not saying some stuff shouldn’t be thrown away, but it might be beneficial to others or profitable to yourself to take a closer look at your items.

It’s completely understandable to have difficulty parting with some items that may have sentimental value or even cost you a pretty penny in the past. There are many mementos that you will want to hang onto but hanging on to an item that you don’t use just because of what you paid for it a while ago isn’t profiting you in ANY way…so why not bring in at least some sort of profit for items like these? That’s right, bring in money! Whether you need extra cash, want to make an extra income to be able to put money away to help build your savings, or you want to put it to something you really want to purchase, selling some of your old “junk” may be just for you!

With summer rapidly approaching and warm weather making its way, there is no better way to start it off right then by having a yard sale-bring in money and clean out the clutter before the fun in the sun starts. Don’t be discouraged by the idea of putting on a yard sale, you’d be surprised how many people frequent yard sale, especially in today’s day in age. Remember to present your items appropriately and desirably…don’t just toss your items in a pile! Neatly arrange your items (clean them off if you can as well), sort them, and clearly promote your yard sale with signs and flyers. You’ll be surprised by the amount of stuff you get rid of (with profit) in one weekend. At the end of your endeavor, rummage through your items and decide what the next step will be. Some items, especially jewelry, you’ll be able to sell online. Selling jewelry for cash money is extremely lucrative, remember to find the right company for you and your needs.. There are several stores that actually buy (or trade) clothing; if that isn’t up your alley, remember you can always donate. A majority of your remaining items can in fact be donated to many different associations that will put your belongings to great use. Benefiting those in need will sure lift your spirits as well as others.

Whatever you do decide to do with your unwanted items, remember that there are numerous sources available to you to help take your things off your hands.

This fabulous post was by guest blogger Leah Chamberlin! Watch for her to have her own amazing blog in the near future. You can contact her at

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