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Father’s Day Gift Idea

Need an adorable, easy, and frugal Father’s Day gift? This is what my son’s fabulous babysitter “helped” him make for my husband.

Fill a small Mason Jar with Reese’s Pieces, tie a ribbon around the jar, and add a personalized label to the lid!

Happy Father’s Day!

2 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gift Idea

  1. I just recently threw a baby shwoer for my best friend from high school (who is also having a girl.)Her sister and I got all of the decorations and most of the food from the Dollar Tree (they have TONS of adorable decorations, and the drinks and food are sometimes better tasting than a store brand!)We held it at her mom’s house since she is from out of state. We also sent out invitations via facebook instead of mailing them. This is also very handy if you don’t have access to addresses for all of the guests.We played a few games that just required a scrap sheet of paper and a pen, like answering questions about the mom and naming as many baby related items as you can. All of our prizes for the games were bought for $1 or less. We had some candles from Fred’s, I had purchased a bath set at Goodwill, and we had several brand-new make-up items that my friend’s mom already had (she had gotten them intending to sell them.)It is very possible to be on a budget, I believe we spent less than $40 on the entire thing! Just have fun with it and be creative!!!

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