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OOTD: Animal Print and Mint

I can not believe May is practically over!  I am not complaining, I am just surprised how quickly May has come and gone.  

Brown Ruffle Animal Print Blouse from Banana Republic Outlet, bought two years ago.  I love animal prints!  I think they are fun and if done correctly are never tacky or out of style!  I love how this zebra print is brown.

Mint Skinny Jeans $19.99 from TJ Maxx bought March 2013.  I love the color of these jeans and the price is fabulous!  I seriously would buy these in every color if I could find them.  I have gone back to TJ Maxx and can’t find them which makes me sad because they had them in a gorgeous coral and I was trying to be frugal and put them back!

Teal and Gold Chandelier Earrings from Forever 21.  These were a gift and I think they are so cute!  I am not sure how much they were, but most accessories at F21 are under $10.  I think when people give gifts they often worry about if they are spending enough on the gift.  I think this should be the last thing to consider, you should decide what your budget is and more importantly if the gift recipient will like/use the gift.

Sideways Gold Cross Necklace $2.99 from Forever 21.  I think this necklace is adorable and a great find.  It is starting to fade, but what do you expect for $2.99!xoxo Kari

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