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OOTD: Sail Away

I love the nautical look!  I think it started at a very early age when my mom dressed my brother and me in matching sailor outfits for family portraits!  When I find the picture, I will post it!

Stripes are awesome, classic, and timeless.  I feel like stripes never look sloppy or messy.  I love the combo of red, white, and blue with gold accents, to me it is perfection!  I am in search of the perfect pair of red pumps or wedges, I haven’t found them yet, but I am still looking.20130521-172946.jpg

Nautical striped dress from Banana Republic Outlet, last seen here.  Someone asked me if I ever where the same outfit twice, of course I do!  I don’t understand why you would wear something other than a wedding dress and not expect to wear it again!  I love this dress!  It was a great bargain for $20, I know I will wear it for a long time.

Red post back earrings and red beaded necklace free from my grandma.  I inherited most if not all of my grandma’s costume jewelry when she passed away.  These were hers and I love them!  Red accessories are awesome and add a pop of color to everything!

20130521-173019.jpgTan cork wedges with gold accents from Banana Republic Outlet.  These are awesome sandals.  I love the gold bottoms and the color of the leather.  Another plus is how comfortable they are to wear all day at work.

Stay fabulous and be frugal!

xoxo Kari

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