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May Instagram Challenge Week 3

I am thoroughly enjoying participating in the May Instagram Photo A Day Challenge!  Check out week two here and week one here.  Follow me on Instagram @myfabulousfrugallife.

Day 15  7 o’clockI could not believe my good fortune to have dinner cleaned up and put away and my son already in bed at 7 o’clock!  This is not my normal evening!

Day 16 Mailbox

Nothing is better than getting money in your mailbox!  I was stoked to get this cash rewards check from Costco in the mail, read more about it here.

Day 17 Season20130519-090225.jpgIt is nearly summer and summer is my favorite season.  I love gardening and being outdoors.  This is a rose from my garden I snapped with no filter.

Day 18 Want

May Instagram Challenge Want

I really, really wanted to win the Powerball Lotto on Saturday, unfortunately I was like millions of other people and lost!

Day 19 My Favorite View20130519-200808.jpg

Without a doubt, my husband and son are my favorite view!  These two are my life!

Day 20 Light20130521-173751.jpg

I love this old antique light, or lamp that my mother-in-law gave me.  I think it is really cool and unusual, but very pretty.

Day 21 I care about this…20130521-173806.jpgI more than care about this little man, I love him more than anything.  I snapped this picture of my sweet boy this afternoon.  He was exhausted from a busy day of being a two-year old and crashed on our living room floor!

There are only 10 more days of this photo challenge.  I will admit, I am looking forward to finishing.  Sometimes the topics feel like homework! LOL!

xoxo Kari


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