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Wet ‘N Wild Mega Last Nail Polish

I love to paint my nails, but hate spending tons of money on nail polishes. I also need a long lasting, durable polish that will last, I don’t have the time or energy to paint my nails every other day! I have found a fabulous and frugal polish that is definitely a blast from my past! Wet ‘n Wild, yes the drugstore brand that was 99 cents when you were in middle and high school is still around and has several new product lines.

I am in love with the Wet ‘n Wild Mega Last line by Fergie. Even better, this week’s Sunday paper has a $1 coupon for any Wet ‘n Wild product, so you can try it for $1!

Tropicalia is a great color for summer! It is a bright pink with hints of orange, I love it even better than Orange Sunset by Rimmel, details here.

This quick photo with my iPhone didn’t capture the gorgeous color very well. It is much more pink than orange. I think the color is off in this picture due to the awful lighting in my bathroom, I desperately need new lights! I took the above picture on Tuesday.

Polish held up to it’s name, this is five days later.

Five days later with no touch ups or top coat, the polish looks pretty good. The color in the picture above is much more accurate than the earlier pictures.

I am very impressed with Wet ‘n Wild’s Mega Last line. I like the consistency of the polish and easy application. The brush is a bit large, but isn’t too bulky. The nail polish set and dried relatively quickly. I am amazed at how well the polish lasted. I did a lot of cleaning, cooking, yoga, and gardening in the last few days and I had no major chips! I bought this polish a few weeks ago at Walmart with a coupon I found in my Sunday paper. I plan to buy another bottle with the coupon I clipped today. Here is a link to all of the color swatches for Wet ‘n Wild nail polishes. I think I might try Need a Refresh-Mint. I haven’t tried the whole mint and turquoise nail trend yet, so I might as well try it for $1.


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