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OOTD: Bold Pocket Dress

I love wearing dresses!  This bold and bright dress with handy pockets is an instant mood booster!  I am embarrassed at the amount of smudges, streaks, and handprints on my mirror!  My son loves to laugh at himself in the mirror and naturally has to touch the mirror.  It has been suggested I get a photographer or tripod to take my own selfies without having my iPhone in all my pics, but right now, I am too cheap and lazy to do either!  Every time I ask my husband to take pics for the blog, it turns into a huge ordeal and I would rather keep the peace!

Bright pleated pocket dress $15 Gap Outlet, bought August 2012.  I am not sure what color this dress is, you might call it orange, coral, watermelon, vermillion.  Whatever the color I really like it.  I think this was a great find at the Gap Outlet.  It is simple, but fun and sophisticated..  This dress is also functional with the pockets, but can be dressed up with heels.

gold and raffia wedges banana republicGold Raffia Wedge Sandals $30 Banana Republic Outlet, last seen here.  If I ever decided to run or jog, other than for a great deal, I might wear these shoes!  No joke, they are amazingly comfortable and I think they are very cute!

I wore gold accessories with this outfit, I was having a bad, frizzy hair day and my earrings got lost in my hair!  I wore a few gold bangles and my gold watch.

Stay fabulous and be frugal!

xoxo Kari

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