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May Instagram Challenge Week 2

I am really enjoying the May Instagram Challenge. Week two has required me to be a bit more creative and actually have to think about what I am going to take a picture of! If you missed week one, click here to see my photos. Follow me on Instagram here @myfabulousfrugallife, I don’t always have the time to blog about everything I snap pictures of!

Day 8 Shape

I love shape magazine! It is the perfect healthy lifestyle magazine. I ordered it through Tanga and bought a two-year subscription for $4!

Day 8 ~ Shape

Day 9 Snack

Chips and salsa are probably my favorite thing to eat, I could make a meal out of chips and salsa. My husband forgot he had a bunch of restaurant gift cards, so we went to On The Border for happy hour and had our fill of margaritas and chips and salsa! Mid-week mini dates are the best!

Day 9 ~ Snack

Day 10 Stars

This is a picture of the Pistol Annies, Miranda Lambert‘s girl band, from our cheap seats in the lawn! I had a great time at the Concert last Friday, more details here.

Day 10 ~ Stars

Day 11 Smile

This photo makes me smile for so many reasons! My son is my heart, I love him to death, and his adorable yet mischievous smile! I love being outside and watching my son play. Plus, I am always happy to find a great deal, which I did on this play structure, details here.

Day 11 ~ Smile

Day 12 Mother

When I think of mother, I always think of my mom, I think most people do. This is a picture of my lovely mom, my son at three weeks, and me taken two years ago on Mother’s Day. My mom is in her night-gown because we surprised her on her first Grandmother’s Day, I had told her I was too sleep deprived to make the two-hour drive. I still can’t believe I am somebody’s mother! My mom is my best friend, I don’t know what I would do without her!

Day 12 ~ Mother (No clue why this pic is so small!)

Day 13 Sunset

I nearly missed the picture on day 13! My home faces west, so the view of the horizon is blocked. I took this through the foliage of a tree in our front yard.

Day 13 ~ Sunset

Day 14 Need

This was a toughie! I don’t feel like I need a lot of things, I want lots of things, but most of my needs are met. I realized, though that I need my husband to make dinner more often. He made this delicious grilled salmon and quinoa salad dinner! I need to eat more fish and whole grains as well.

Day 14 ~ Need

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