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Free App Where You Win Gift Cards

A friend/coworker of mine recently told me about Virgin America‘s Channel Catch! app.  This is a free app where you win gift cards and prizes.  I have won a $10 Target gift card that I have already used!  I would recommend downloading this app onto your smartphone.  Here is the link to the app.

To “play” the app you push the catch button, which I would highly recommend silencing your phone to play.  The app makes a spaceship noise and vibrates each time you play.  You don’t really play anything, you just push the button and random facts, trivia, and quotes come up. You can save the info in your “vault” or go on to the next play.  You can play ten times each day.  After about three days of playing I won a $10 Target gift card.  To get your gift card, you must provide your email, address, and telephone number.  After winning, you have only a few days to accept the gift card.  I thought I only had a few days to use the gift card, but this is not the case.  You then receive an email with the gift card after you accept the offer.

My friend from work has won several gift cards to Amazon, Target, Starbucks, and Chipotle.  You can even win roundtrip tickets from Virgin!

If you have about two minutes to waste each day and can push a red button, I suggest you get the Virgin Catch app!

xoxo Kari

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