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May Instagram Challenge Week 1

The lovely Marija of All.Things.Lady posted last week about the May Photo a Day Challenge and I thought, why not give it a try!?! I am participating via Instagram. You can follow along and see all of my posts here.

Day 1 – I bought this

Day 1 I bought this – I bought this mesh Tiffany and Co. mesh ring eight years ago on eBay for $40. I think this was a great deal, because it retails on the Tiffany website for $275, yes, I have had the ring checked and it is authentic! I also just bought this gorgeous Covergirl nail polish, Timeless Rubies this week.

Day 2 – Morning Routine

Day 2 Morning Routine – No matter what, I start my morning with coffee, then a protein shake with a straw. My husband says I am a high-maintenance princess for always insisting on a straw, but I like the straw! I always wash my face with my Clarisonic face brush, which I will post about soon, and brush my teeth with my Sonicare toothbrush.

Day 3 – This is good

Day 3 This is good – Friday after work, we packed up and went on a road trip to Chico, CA. It is always good to be in Chico – my husband and I are Chico State Alumni, we met in Chico, have tons of great memories, and still have family and friends that live in the area. I love Chico, this was a great trip because it was Alumni weekend, one of my BFF’s who also happens to be my hairstylist and the cutest pregnant lady, did my hair, and we ate at an amazing restaurant! Just to recap, it is always great to be in Chico!

Day 4 – In my cup

Day 4 In my cup – As I mentioned in day two’s post, coffee is what is always in my cup in the morning. I will freely admit I am a coffee addict! I love coffee!

Day 5 – Paper

Day 5 Paper – As a lifelong, loyal SF Giants fan, I had to take a picture of the Sunday sports page! There is nothing like a walk-off homer, especially when you are playing the LA Dodgers! The Giants swept the series, so this was sweet!

Day 6 – BROKEN

Day 6 Broken – I struggled to find something broken. I am the type of person that fixes broken things or gets rid of items that are beyond repair. However, this cute chambray shirt was “broken” with a hole in the seam and I scooped it up on the clearance rack for $6, details here.

Day 7 – Begins with F

Day 7 Begins with F – I managed to do double duty with a photo of my backyard fence and the flowers on my aloe plant.

I am looking forward to continuing this challenge, if you want to join in and catch up the details are here.

Hope you enjoyed week one!

xoxo Kari


9 thoughts on “May Instagram Challenge Week 1

  1. Hey dear :) Thank you for the mention :)

    P.S. I was shy to tell you this… lol But my name is actually Marija :) Debono is my surname. But I actually really like the sound of Mari Jade now hahaha

  2. I love that you have kept up with it. I would forget after two days! Keep it going girrl. XOXOXO

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