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The True Cost of Your Vice$

Have you ever wondered how much money you could save by quitting one of your vices or guilty pleasures?

The Cost of Your Vices is a microsite from the eBay Deals Blog that shows people how much they could save annually if they quit their daily vices (cigarettes, coffee, alcohol, fast food, lotto tickets, sodas). This interactive quiz breaks down how much you’re spending on each vice annually, and serves up interesting health benefits of quitting each vice, too.

I took the quiz and apparently I have two vices – coffee and wine.  One inaccuracy I found in this interactive quiz is the assumption that coffee is being bought, not brewed at home, which I do.  According to the quiz, I could save $987 annually if I stopped drinking wine and coffee.  I agree that I probably spend $484 a year or more on wine, but I know there is no way I spend $503 a year on coffee.  I buy whole bean coffee at Costco in three pound bags for around $15 and my husband and I go through one bag each month, which equals $180 per year.

Overall, this is an interesting website, especially if you consume coffee, soda, alcohol, cigarettes, lotto tickets, and fast food on a regular basis. Check it out!

~ Kari

9 thoughts on “The True Cost of Your Vice$

    1. LOL! When I showed this to my husband, he laughed when I told him how much the quiz said I spent on wine in a year. He thinks I spend that much every 3 months or so, he’s probably right!

    2. the hands belong to mavis malrowe, searching for a little automatic gun, which subsequently can’t save her life. quite fittingly, in an apartment in which everything seems to bear her monogram, she is being strangled to death with a monogrammed scarf thus setting off the plot of Black Angel (1946).

  1. I agree with what has been said above… sometimes it is better not to know! haha :)
    However it says I should be careful with the booze too!!

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