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OOTN: Indian Wedding Reception

This past weekend, I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend an Indian Wedding.  By Indian, I mean India not Native American!  The brother of one of my dear friends and coworkers was getting married and my husband and I were lucky enough to be invited to the wedding ceremony and reception.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t go to the ceremony at the temple because our son’s second birthday party was on the same day, but we were able to attend the reception the next evening.

As soon as I received my invitation I asked my friend, “What does a non-Indian person wear to an Indian wedding?”  I had no idea what to wear and luckily my fabulous friend let me know that semi-formal/cocktail wear was appropriate.  I also consulted an awesome website, The Big Fat Indian Wedding, for information on what to expect and wear.  I had been hoping she would say traditional Indian clothing, mostly because I wanted to see my husband wear a headscarf (turban) and I’ve always wanted to wear a beautiful sari ;)

I found this coral/watermelon colored dress with side ruching at Ross for $11.99.  I think it was a major score.  I have spent way more on similar dresses.  I love the color and I like that it is form-fitting, but forgiving.  It isn’t too tight or short or low-cut.

“Your Dresses Should Be Tight Enough To Show You’re A Woman And Loose Enough To Show You’re A Lady” – Edith Head

I also found these fabulous t-strap animal print heels by Chinese Laundry at Ross for $12.99!  I think the shopping gods were smiling down on me the morning of the reception because I had nothing to wear and found my entire outfit for under $25!

This is one excited girl, ready for her first Indian wedding!

I wore black beaded accessories with my outfit.  I wore a multi-strand necklace with matching earrings and lots of gold and black bangle bracelets.  I think I bought all of these items several years ago at Forever21.

The reception was absolutely gorgeous and amazing!  I had a fantastic time!

Loved these personalized favors, this was my senior quote for my high school yearbook!

The table settings were fabulous!  I loved the attention to detail and all of the personalized touches at the reception.  I wish I would have taken pictures of the centerpieces, each was a unique flower arrangement with jewels and crystals draped over the flowers.  The table cloths were in gold and purple silk and complimented with gold chargers and chairs!


I wish I would have taken more pictures of the different tables, there was seating for 650 at the reception and around 750 guests!

Each little cylinder is an individual cake!

The cake was beautiful and delicious!  It was in the center of the dance floor and each cake was wrapped in ribbon!

We were treated to an amazing Indian dance troupe that performed after the bride and groom entered the reception.  I failed to take a picture of the bride and groom, but they had a gorgeous white and gold Victorian-esque sofa to sit on during the reception.  They looked like royalty and were absolutely gorgeous!

My handsome date and husband!

We had a fantastic time at the wedding reception!  I loved learning about the different customs and traditions related to Indian weddings.  I thought it was a fabulous idea to have the immediate family of the groom (the hosts of the reception) have a receiving line when you entered the reception and personally greet and welcome each guest.  The food was sooooo good and I had a great time picking up some new dance moves!  I am so lucky to have a great friend that would include my husband and me in such a special celebration.

xoxo Kari

6 thoughts on “OOTN: Indian Wedding Reception

  1. Glad you had a fabulous time, you look lovely in that dress, Indian weddings are fun and colorful. Thanks for sharing your celebration and congrats to the happy couple! ☼

  2. Wonderful collection of photos – from what I saw you were the best looking lady… or should I say couple :) :)

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