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OOTD: Chambray Polka Dots

When I get dressed, I want to feel good in whatever I am wearing.  Lately, I have been loving blues and greens.  I think it is really important to feel good about what you are wearing, this can have a huge impact on the rest of your day.  Other than color, I think fit is the key to feeling and looking good.  If your clothes fit well, you look good, regardless of your shape and size.  Ill fitting clothes are a recipe for disaster whether you are super skinny or curvy if your clothes are baggy or tight in the wrong places, it just doesn’t work.  When I was in high school and even in college I was so hung up on what size I wore or rather could squeeze myself into that I often looked horrible!  I’m not quite sure when, but I eventually got over what size I was wearing and learned that fit is more important the a number on a tag that no one but you can see!

Collared button-up chambray and polka dot shirt $14 from the Gap Outlet, bought two weeks ago.  I love this shirt!  It is fun and can totally be dressed up or down.  I am thinking that I will wear it next winter under sweaters and cardigans and I will wear it this summer with shorts and skirts!

Emerald green Calvin Klein Super Stretch cropped pants $18.99 from Costco, last seen here.  I am so mad at myself for not buying these pants in more colors!  They are the perfect skinny jeans for spring!  I went back to Costco and they didn’t have anymore in my size, there was also a great pair in red and blue.

White cork wedge sandals by Steve Madden, super old, bought several years ago at Macy’s.  These are my comfy, go to shoes.  Perfect for work or play!

I wore white and silver accessories with this outfit.  My necklace was something I inherited from my grandma, it is just white and clear plastic beads.  I wore my awesome $9, white rhinestone watch from Target, last seen here.
I have had these silver ball post earrings forever, for some reason they look tarnished in this picture, but they aren’t.  I think they are classic and extremely versatile.  You can literally wear them with everything.

Happy Tuesday!  Hope your day was fabulous!

xoxo Kari

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