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OOTD: Stripes and Floral

Happy Monday and Earth Day!  I hope your day was fabulous and fun-filled!  Reminder and shameless plug – please take a minute if you have not done so already and vote for My Fabulous Frugal Life for the eBay Frugal Blog Award here, simply click the facebook like button or tweet button next to the MFFL logo.  Last I checked, MFFL is in fourth place, but there is still about a week to go!  Thank you to everyone who has already voted!

Today was one of those Mondays where I needed the day off to rest and recoup from the weekend.  The last week has been so busy that I haven’t had much time for blogging or relaxing in general.  My goal this weekend is to stay home and do as little as possible, we’ll see how that plan works out!  I will be posting this week about my son’s second birthday party and the amazing Indian wedding reception I attended last night.

Gap jean’s jacket, bought several years ago, I’m honestly not too sure how much I paid for it, I doubt more than $30, last seen here.  It is cool in the mornings, so I have to dress in layers.  The heating and cooling in my classroom is crazy and it has two settings freezing or crazy hot, so I always wear a jacket or light sweater to work.  Navy blue and white nautical striped t-shirt, $9.99 from Forever21, bought three years ago.  I really don’t understand why people give Forever21 such a bad rep, I have bought tons of clothes there that have held up quite well over the years.  Considering the low cost of the items at Forever21, I think it is a great place to shop, especially if you want to experiment and try a new trend or style.

Pink skinny jeans by Fire Los Angeles $19.99 from Nordstrom Rack, bought this January, last seen here.  I love these jeans, I am kicking myself for not buying them in every color!  I really wish I had, I was so happy when I found them in mint at TJ Maxx last month for the same great price, major score!

Graphic floral print boatshoes $8.99 Old Navy, bought yesterday.  I went in to exchange a dress and couldn’t pass these up!  The sales associate was literally marking them down in front of me, I couldn’t believe my good fortune!  I even bought them in pink!  I am obsessed with Sperry Top-Siders, but I just can’t convince myself to buy them, so these are my Sperry inspired shoes for a fraction of the price!  They are extremely comfortable and I know I will wear them throughout spring and summer!

xoxo Kari

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