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Raley’s Something Extra Try-It

This fall, Raley’s grocery stores started their Something Extra program, which is in my opinion, the best grocery rewards program I have tried!  The program is personalized, so you are rewarded with coupons and products that you actually buy and use, instead of the generic coupons that are spit out the register for things you would never buy!  I receive an email a few times a month letting me know of offers and deals I can accept or reject.  For example, each month you or one of your family members has a birthday, you can get a free cake pop and $5 off any bakery cake!

raleys something extra

Another part of the program is the accumulation of points for the purchases you make, this is tracked by swiping your rewards card or entering in the phone number linked to your account.  Each quarter (every 3 months for you non-math people), you receive a cash voucher for your points that can be used at any store in the Raley’s family, along with more store coupons for the items you buy.  I received my first rewards voucher in January and it was for $11, I had accumulated 1100 points for purchases in the first quarter of the program.  I have since let my husband know that each time he shops at Raley’s he needs to punch in our phone number to rack up more points.  The only thing I do not like about the program is that you can only have one rewards card per account, my husband will sheepishly admit that he sometimes forgets to put in our phone number and we are missing out on future $$$ to spend on groceries!

There are many other perks to this program, Raley’s has a scrip program called Extra Credit that makes charitable donations to a local organization of your choice.  You can select multiple organizations and what percentage of the scrip you earn from your purchases that will go towards each organization.  I have selected the school where I am a teacher.

I have just signed up for another program my son’s childcare provider told me about called Something Extra Try-It.  From what she told me and what I have read from the website, you receive Raley’s products in the mail for free along with little kitchen tools and utensils and coupons for the product!  In exchange for getting free products, you are asked to submit a review and answer questions about the product on the website.  I am excited because I should be getting a Top It! Top-N-Bake Pizza in the mail soon!  I will share my experiences with you as soon as it arrives!

If you ever shop at Raley’s, Bel-Air, or Nob Hill grocery stores you really need to sign-up for their Something Extra rewards program, it is well worth your time and will save you money!

Stay fabulous and be frugal!

xoxo Kari

One thought on “Raley’s Something Extra Try-It

  1. Please double-check the date for Los Altos. The link, as well as other web sites, shows the date to be July 14-15, NEXT wekneed. See you there!

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