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OOTD: Nautical Dress

Happy Wednesday!  Hope your day was wonderful! Nautical clothes seem to be in right now, which is awesome for me – I love stripes, navy, red, white, and gold!  Nautical or sailing inspired clothes are classics that never really go out of style.

Nautical stripe bodycon dress $20 from Banana Republic Outlet, bought last weekend.  I couldn’t resist buying this dress off of the clearance rack.  I will freely admit, I wasn’t being very frugal when I went to the outlets with my friend this past weekend, but I know this is something I will be able to wear for a long time and could practically wear year round by adding leggings or tights and boots!  That was my justification for buying this dress!

I love the navy and gold buttons on the sleeves and at the back of the neckline.  These little details or embellishments add so much to an outfit.

Coral and gold earrings $3.98 from Target, bought last weekend.  These were clearanced and had been marked down two times!  I love them and know that I will wear them throughout the spring and summer.

Tan strappy wedge sandals $26 from Banana Republic Outlet, bought this weekend.  I couldn’t resist these adorable shoes.  I love the metallic gold insole of the shoes and the fact that they are tan, a neutral, means I will be able to wear them with practically everything!

Stay fabulous and be more frugal than I was this weekend!

xoxo Kari

6 thoughts on “OOTD: Nautical Dress

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