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How to Organize Coupons

I would not consider myself a coupon queen or extreme couponer, however I do use and clip coupons on a regular basis.  One major challenge I have come across is how to organize the various coupons I clip from the Sunday paper, mailers, and print online.

The solution to my dilemma is a $1 file folder.  I found this one at the Dollar Store, but Target also sells the same type of file folder for $1, in their bargain bins with cute prints and designs.

How to Organize Coupons

  1. Get a $1 file organizer.  Before I bought this file folder, I used a quart-sized Ziplock baggie.  If you are an extreme couponer, this may not fit your needs.  I  have seen people shopping with binders of coupons in baseball card holders, I am definitely not at that level, nor do I have room in my purse for a binder!
  2. Label each section of the file folder.  I took an inventory of the coupons I had and came up with the following categories – groceries, household, beauty, clothing, and miscellaneous.  This works for me.  Another option would be to organize your coupons by store.
  3. Sort your coupons by date in each section of your file folder.  When I get new coupons I file them accordingly. I also keep all of my gift cards in my coupon file folder.
  4. Only clip and save coupons for items and stores that you would use/buy/shop.  Don’t fall into the trap of clipping a coupon and buying something that you would never use.  I admit, I am guilty of this, learn from my mistakes!
  5. Keep your coupon file folder in your purse.  I switch purses often and always have my coupon file in my purse.  There’s nothing worse than buying something and then realizing you had a coupon for that item.

How do you organize your coupons?  I’d love to hear your fabulous ideas!

xoxo Kari


6 thoughts on “How to Organize Coupons

  1. I do use a small black binder with coupon pockets inside, which I purchased at Staples. It does not fit in my purse, but I like it because it also holds a pen, my shopping list, and in the large pockets go current sale flyers, and anything else related to shopping.

    This really helps out because I shop at several different stores, always stocking up on the best deals. It really helps me feel in control, when going from Costco, to Meijer’s, Sam’s Club, and then Joann Fabrics, sometimes Lowes. That’s also why I still like the paper sale flyers that come in the mail. I can spread them all out and plan a strategy. I only use 2-5 coupons a week – but I make them count! Especially those ones that the cash register spits out that say – “Good for $3 off your next shopping trip.” They always expire so quickly, and I learned the hard way that it’s awful to lose one of those. :)

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