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Five ReasonsYou Need a Target REDcard

Target is one of the only stores I shop at on a weekly or biweekly or even sometimes triweekly basis.  Over a year ago, a coworker of mine told me about the Target REDcard and I didn’t think much about the information.  When I started MFFL a couple of months ago, I did some internet research and boy do I wish I would have taken the advice of my coworker sooner!

If you are a Target shopper, you MUST get the Target REDCard!  It would be completely foolish and irresponsible if you did not get this card.   Five Reasons You Need to Get a Target REDcard

  1. Every single time you purchase anything at a Target store or online you save 5%!
  2. All of your online purchases are shipped for free!
  3. You have 30 extra days for returns.
  4. Target donates 1% of your spending to a school of your choice.
  5. You can earn pharmacy rewards and for every five prescriptions you refill, you earn a 5% reward that can be stacked with the 5% of the REDcard.

Five Reasons You Need a Target REDcard


When applying for the REDcard you have the option of getting a debit card linked to your checking account or a credit card.  I went the debit route, I don’t like to have a lot of credit cards, and my American Express is my go to credit card, read why here.  Plus, if you need cash, you can get up to $40 cash back in store. When you go in store to apply for the Target debit REDcard, you will need a blank check and your driver’s license.  You can apply at the checkout with the cashier, the entire process took about five minutes.

I am kicking myself for not getting a REDcard sooner!  Every time you use your REDcard, your receipt tells you how much you saved on that visit and total for the year.  Another reason I love my Target REDcard is that I don’t charge any purchases at Target anymore.  I will admit in the past I went in to grab some toothpaste and came out with a cart full of items that I had charged! I feel like having this card and knowing I am saving a minimum of 5% on every purchase, remember you can use manufacturer’s and store coupons, and stack other Target rewards, keeps me honest about my spending and I don’t get any surprise credit card bills!  Here is the link to Target for more details and the application process.

Stay fabulous and use this information to be frugal!

xoxo Kari

10 thoughts on “Five ReasonsYou Need a Target REDcard

  1. I love my red card! I have had it for over ten years. In addition to all the perks you mentioned, Target also sends me great coupon books and little gifts. Just last week they sent me a first aid kit.

    1. I wish I new about the Target card 10 years ago! I have spent a small fortune at Target over the last decade! I forgot about the great coupon books I get in the mail. I haven’t received any gifts, but hope I do soon!

  2. I AGREE!!!! I LOVE my free shipping on all things at all times (oh yeah Sonia Kashuk things that never make it to my store), and my 5% off. Pays for taxes, almost.

    1. Way to go! I am trying a new “old” idea of paying in cash and it seems to be working. Credit cards make spending unrealistic, when you actually have to hand over the cash, your spending becomes very real!

      xoxo Kari

      1. We do that, too! We did envelopes for about two years and now we’re kind of slipping into mental envelopes with our debit cards. But yeah credit card plastic surgery was great for us! :)

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