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OOTD: Mellow Yellow

Happy Saturday!  I titled this post Mellow Yellow because I am doing my best to stay mellow and calm.  My son has a bad case of the terrible two’s and is driving my husband and me crazy!  I am trying to be mellow and I thought this yellow shirt would help the situation and bring a little sunshine to my mood.

 After two months of OOTD posts, I realize I have somewhat of a go to formula or uniform for getting dressed – wedges, skinny jeans, and a t-shirt.  I am not a glamorous dresser, I don’t have anywhere to go to get dressed up.  I try to be practical, cute, and comfortable in my clothes.  I think I have succeeded for the most part.  If you are looking for high fashion and cutting edge trends, this probably isn’t the place for you!

Dark skinny jeans – Forever21, bought several years ago.  I wear these all the time and they are awesome!  I think I paid $12 or so for them and they were well worth it!

White cork Steve Madden wedges – Macy’s, bought several years ago.  I feel like I can stand all day teaching in these shoes, chase my son, or if I ever decided to run, I truly believe I could run in these shoes!

yellow embellished t-shirt

Yellow embellished striped t-shirtOld Navy, bought yesterday for $4.  If you like long sleeve and three-quarter sleeve shirts, stop what you are doing and go to Old Navy right now!  I went there yesterday to exchange a few items for my son and ended up buying myself five shirts!  Each shirt was under $5!

I hope your Saturday is mellow and sunny!  Mine has actually been pretty good, just a few battles with a stubborn, almost two-year old!

xoxo Kari

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