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100 Reasons to be Thankful

My Fabulous Frugal Life has been up and running, a bit crazy, for two months. I am humbled, honored, and flattered that there are 102 people to date, that are subscribing to MFFL.

I begin each day with a grateful heart for so many reasons – family, friends, and good health are my top three.  Thank you to each and every one of you. Your support means so much to me. I am still trying to figure out what I am doing, but I hope you continue to enjoy what I have to share with you. There are many things in the works for the future of My Fabulous Frugal Life.

Thank you so much!

xoxo Kari


6 thoughts on “100 Reasons to be Thankful

      1. My favorite favor idea is to fill empty baby food jars with bath salts. You can make bath salts by mixnig in a little body-product safe fragrance oil (can find at any craft store) and a little bit of food coloring a few drops of red or blue or yellow or green depending on the theme/gender! Fill it up and then make a sticker label if you’d like. You can personalize it with ____________’s Baby Shower and a date or Welcoming ___________ with the due date or whatever you’d like! You can tie it off with a pretty ribbon or some nice stickers and you’re good to go!A fun game is to do Baby ABCs Set a timer (maybe 2 minutes?) and guests can write down one word starting with each letter of the alphabet that has to do with babies (like A-apple sauce, B-board books, C-colic, D-diapers etc). The person who has the most wins a prize. A great prize would be a notecard set or some nail polish or a cheap box of chocolates from the dollar store if you’re on a budget! (Or heck, regift! LOL)Another fun game is a guessing game. Fill a bottle with pink or blue or green/yellow M&Ms or jelly beans or some kind of candy and then have guests guess how many are in there. Winner wins the candy.

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