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Pump it for Free

Attention anyone who is considering breast pumping or knows someone who is – Congress recently passed a bill making breast pumps a medical device covered for free under insurance plans!

I love my friends!  They are so fabulous and frugal.  One of my BFF’s sent me the following email today and I had to share the information.

Hello Mommies and Potential Mommies to Be!

I was reading on my “break” and I came across an article titled “6 tips to breastfeeding” kind of random for People, but I had a hard time with this so I clicked on.  Any who, one of the “tips” was about breast pumps and they mentioned a new bill that was passed requiring insurance companies to cover breast pumps.  Who the what?!? I had no idea insurance would cover pumps! Here is a link to Yummy Mummy with more info…
I looked at my insurance plan and sure enough… breast pumps are covered 100% No Copay!!  I did a little more research and called my insurance company to find out how the pumps are covered, like do we have to buy one and send a receipt? They told me that an electric or manual pump (hospital grade pumps are excluded) would be covered at 100% once a year. All I need to do is have my doctor submit a request to a medical supply company and it would be billed to my insurance.  Pretty sweet!
Please share this info with all of the Mommies-To-Be in your life.  I know it would have saved me a pretty penny.
This is fantastic, fabulous, and frugal information!  All of this is legit!  I had no idea, I used a breast pump and it was $250!  ebay is a fabulous place to go for breast pumps, check out this link for a Medela Pump in Style Double Breastpump.  I highly recommend Medela and the double style.  As a working mom, having a double breast pump was a life saver.
xoxo Kari


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