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OOTD: Emerald, Leopard, & Lace

Spring is in full bloom in California and I am loving the weather! As I mentioned in my OOTD post yesterday, my closet is in desperate need of some TLC. I found this top hanging in my closet! I forgot I had it, it’s been close to a year since I last wore it! Score! I actually laid out my clothes before I went to bed last night and my morning was much more relaxing!

Emerald green cropped skinny jeans by Calvin Klein $18 from Costco, bought yesterday. I absolutely love these pants! The color is fabulous, the price was frugal, and the fit is fantastic! I went to Costco yesterday to buy diapers, cheese, wine, and protein shakes and managed to come home with these! After one day of wearing them, I think I like them better than my pink and mint skinny jeans! The quality of these is so much better, I guess you can’t go wrong with Calvin Klein!

Black pom-pom scarf $5 from local flea market. If you have a local flea market, you must check it out for accessories! I haven’t been able to go to mine for months because it is held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (when I work). You can find cute accessories that are new, often starting at $1 or less. I also wore my favorite animal print peep toe ballet flats, more details here. I haven’t worn these in a while and I don’t know why. They are so cute and comfy!

Lace back dolman top $19 Nordstrom Rack, bought last spring. I apologize for the butt shot, but I wanted to show the cute lace back of this shirt. I wore a black cami underneath, I can’t wear shear clothes, I teach middle school and that would be a nightmare. If you are going out or are more daring than me, this top would be super cute with just a bright-colored or black bra!

I may have had a bit of animal print overload, but I threw on this adorable bracelet that my mom gave me several years ago.

Finally, I put on my animal print hoop earrings. I bought these at Target when I was in college and I love them! They are the perfect accessory. The only problem is I have so much hair it is often difficult to see my earrings! Maybe I will straighten my hair in the near future? Probably not though, I would rather sleep!

Hope your Wednesday is fabulous!

xoxo Kari

9 thoughts on “OOTD: Emerald, Leopard, & Lace

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