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This weekend on instagram I was contacted by Tripanista and asked to be a contributing blogger.  At first I was skeptical and then I was extremely flattered by the invitation.  According to the Tripanista homepage it is,

“a community driven fashion guide for all your dream vacation destinations. Planning a trip and want to know what to wear? Well this is the place to see what people are wearing now from all over the world!”

The concept of this website is genius!  Every time I go on a trip or vacation, I often struggle with what to pack.  I won’t even go into my overpacking obsession and need to bring at least three pairs of shoes for everyday of a trip!  Tripanista is the place to go for travel tips and fashion advice when you are going to an unfamiliar destination.

Tripanista Post

I submitted a post on Sacramento about my last trip to the zoo and it was published! Check it out here.

If you are going on a vacation or want to share fashion and travel tips for your local area, check out Tripanista and share what you know.  This is a new website with a lot of promise.

xoxo Kari


11 thoughts on “Tripanista

    1. uyy, ano yang job na yan? hehehe. Ganun tgaala, busy tgaala ang pagiging mommy at work at home mom. I know you can manage your time soon. take care.

  1. Nice! Of course they contacted you, you are the savvy fugal fashionista! Congrats! XO

    1. I am sooooo jealous! You should post some shots of yourself on Tripanista! Have you been tanning or using self-tanners/spray tan? Have a fabulous time in the sun and have tons of drinks for me!

      1. I’ve been applying self tanner – I use Tan Towels and Jergens tanning lotion. But I’ve found if I use multiple days, I start to “peel” – I can’t win! This pasty gal needs help! And I will drink at least two tons for you and two tons for me. This is my first time there, so I’m super excited! And I will have to post some shots – great idea!

      2. Oh no! Get a spray tan the night before you leave. The only issue is if you are in chlorinated or salt water too much it will come off after a few days. Have you ever used Sally Hansen Legs? It works amazing and doesn’t rub off. I would recommend experimenting with it before using it for a day/night out.

      3. Oh thanks for the tip! I’m not sure about chlorinated/salt water use in KW…but I am SO investing in Sally H. I’m always scared a product I don’t know about will rub off. I’m getting some this weekend!

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