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OOTD: Lavender and Gold

Do you layout or know what you are wearing the night before? I am beginning to think I need to figure out what I am wearing the night before, because my mornings are becoming more and more hectic and I feel like I have nothing to wear even though I have tons of clothes! The floor of my closet is a mess – organizing my closet is a major priority this weekend! Today was one of those hectic mornings so I went for some of my go to pieces when I got dressed.

Lavender and Gold Floral Luxe T Shirt $7.01 Banana Republic Outlet, last seen here. I feel like you can’t go wrong with a t-shirt as long as it is fitted, clean, and unwrinkled! I love the details of this t-shirt – the gold floral pattern and the satin neckline, I think it is very pretty and feminine.

Hudson Skinny Jeans $49 Nordstrom Rack. These jeans are amazing! They are the perfect fit with a bit of stretch. Jeans and t-shirts can be dressed up or down which I love. These jeans are about a year old and have not faded, they are still the perfect dark denim. They are dark enough that I get away with wearing them to work!

Metallic Gold Espadrille wedges $37.80, Banana Republic Outlet, last seen here. Whenever you need to elevate your look – literally and figuratively – throw on some heels or wedges. Being a teacher and having to stand and walk around my classroom all day, I have to wear wedges to be kind to my feet.

Short sleeved cardigan $12, TJ Maxx. I think the sleeves and fit of this cardigan are perfect. I don’t always like to wear skinny jeans and a fitted top together. I feel like I need something with some movement or that is flowy to balance out form-fitting pants and shirts paired together. This picture shows how my morning was going, my son was splashing me from the bathtub while I was attempting to take a quick picture for this post! LOL!

My outfit wouldn’t have been complete without my go to rose gold watch and some stacked bangles. I also wore rose gold hoop earrings and a rose gold Michael Kors pave pendant. For those of you new to my blog, I love this watch and wear it all the time. My husband bought it for me at Costco for Christmas, all the details are here.

When your morning is hectic put on your go to or feel good clothes, it will make the rest of your day a lot better.

Be frugal and stay fabulous!

xoxo Kari

9 thoughts on “OOTD: Lavender and Gold

  1. When I travel for work. I usually pack my clothes and have my traveling outfit picked out the night before. Those mornings are always so much more relaxing.

    I am in desperate need of closet organization too. I always drool over the ikea closet organizers. Maybe I need to bite the bullet and get one (on the next house) :-).

  2. Hello Gorgeous! I don’t lay my outfits out at night because I’m a mood dresser but I SO should. I love your looks AND watch with bracelets. I never think I can pull that look off but always admire it on other gals. Cheers!

    1. Hello to you! Thank you for your sweet words! I think I am a mood dresser as well and I end up in a bad mood when I don’t know what to wear! You are sassy and gorgeous and could pull off any look!

      1. Oh Girl – thanks for the compliment but I definitely have those days where I’m standing in my closet, with 478 items to choose from with ‘nothing’ to wear! How does that happen?!

      2. You are so welcome, I’m just being honest! I feel you! I have the same problem all the time, it doesn’t help that I have been lazy and lots of my maternity and post baby clothes are still mixed in! I am in dire need of a closet makeover!

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