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Easter Basket Ideas

This is the first year my husband and I are playing Easter Bunny for our son.  We have been talking with him about Easter, hunting for eggs, the Easter Bunny, and have even tried to talk about Jesus, but I don’t think he really got any of it (he isn’t quite 2)!

As a parent, I find it difficult to not overspend on my child for special occasions, holidays, and birthdays.  Since starting this blog almost two months ago, I am trying my best to be as frugal and economical as possible.  My son’s Easter basket was no exception.  I set a budget and actually stuck to it!  I think my son will love all of the goodies in this basket, but I have a feeling the basket itself and fake grass will be the biggest hit!

I found all of the items for his Easter Basket at Target in what I call the “bargain bin” section.  You know, the area by the shopping carts with bins of “crap” as my husband would say!?!  I completely disagree!  Everything in those bins is $5 or less and I have found lots of great items for my son and even my husband’s Christmas stocking in those bins (don’t tell my husband)!

Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

Basket Use a basket you already have or buy one for a dollar or two.  I don’t see why you would spend a lot of money on an Easter basket.  Knowing my son, he will sit in it and break it or try to use it as a step stool to get into something he shouldn’t!  I did not have to purchase an Easter basket, I had it leftover from a fabulous birthday gift basket my BFF gave me this year.  I feel so green, unintentionally recycling or would it be up-cycling this basket!

Eggs I bought a package of fillable plastic eggs for $2, there are 40 eggs in the package.  I like hardboiled eggs, but I don’t love hardboiled eggs and I am not ready for the mess that comes with dying eggs. I filled the eggs with stickers, fruit snacks, and bouncy balls, all things my toddler is obsessed with!  Hopefully he won’t OD on fruit snacks, I wonder how many packages are too many?

Gifts/Treats From Target

  • Green Aviator style sunglasses ($5)
  • Garden rake and spade ($5)
  • Happy Feet DVD ($4)
  • Chick sippy cup ($2.50)
  • Frog book and puzzle ($3)
  • Soft Baseball ($1)
  • Duck watering can ($1)
  • Frog squirt bottle ($1)
  • See’s Candy Chocolate Bunny and box of Candy – Free! Gift from a friend

Total Cost = $22.50

I tried to buy things for his Easter basket that I knew he would like and use.  Lately my son is obsessed with being outside and helping with yard work, gardening, and his water activity table.  If you are needing ideas for your child’s easter basket, check out this resource I found on Pinterest for stocking stuffers by age and gender, it is amazing and has so many good Ideas that will work for Easter baskets.

Happy Easter!  Have a fabulous day and don’t spend too much on Easter baskets.


5 thoughts on “Easter Basket Ideas

  1. I’ve gotten a bunch of thrifty things for my munchkins’ baskets, too. It doesn’t have to cost alot to have a nice Easter basket for your child, especially when they are still little and easily pleased. :)

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