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Ready for Summer

Every spring I buy myself a new bikini, hat, sunglasses, and flip-flops. Do I need these four items on an annual basis? Probably not. However, nothing feels better than being on summer vacation and having a cute new swimsuit and accessories to go with it.

Four essential summer items that are all fabulous and frugal!

1. Yellow Triangle bikini by Op top and bottom $7.96 each at Walmart. Yellow is my go to color for fun! There is a reason smiley faces are yellow! I love this bikini – the price, color, and style are perfect! Triangle tops and bottoms are the best for fit, because you can tie them to fit your figure perfectly.

2. Pink floppy sun hat $3 Target Bargain Bin, bought this week. I love this hat! The color is fantastic and fun! I couldn’t believe it was only $3! I try to always wear a hat when I am in the sun, wrinkles and sun spots are not something I am interested in.

3. White cut out sunglasses $3 Target Bargain Bin, bought this week. These glasses are white hot! These are very mod – the color, square frames, and the cut outs!  The cut out detail on the frames is so cute and they have 100% UV protection, you MUST protect your eyes from the sun. I tend to lose and break sunglasses or forget I am wearing them and jump in the pool or lake, so $3 is a great price for me.

4. Gold Havianas slim crystal flip-flops $11.99 at the Big Box Clearance Store, click here to read more about this awesome retailer!  Flip flops are the official shoes of summer! These are adorable – the color, bling, and price are fabulous!When you start shopping for your essential summer items, remember you don’t need to spend a fortune to look fabulous!  Don’t overlook retailers such as Walmart or Target!  Look what I was able to find!

xoxo Kari

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