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Comfy Casual Saturday

Sometimes you wake up and realize – today is a sweatshirt, jeans, and sneakers day. I don’t believe you ever have to compromise on comfort.

When getting dressed for casual, work, or formal occasions you should feel comfortable. If you aren’t comfortable you aren’t as confident. Getting dressed should be fun and you should always feel good about what you are wearing. This may sound shallow, but when I feel good about how I look, everything else in my day tends to be better.

Chico State Sweatshirt $30 I bought this four years ago at Chico State. 7 for mankind flip-flop jeans I bought these from Macy’s six years ago! These are one of my absolute favorite pairs of jeans!   They are so comfortable and can be dresses up or down. I am sad that 7 no longer makes the the flip-flop length, they are perfect for all of us petite girls. The girls at FreeUrCloset have a great post about go to jeans here.  Check out their blog it is awesome!

Coach Jenny Sneakers $49.99 at Ross. I am loving how comfortable and cute these shoes are! So glad I found them, for more details click here.

❤ Kari

6 thoughts on “Comfy Casual Saturday

  1. Totally agree with you on the comfort thing! You rock this look and the jeans and shoes are awesome, and the sweatshirt! I’m a comfort person myself and thing it can look so hot.

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