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Christmas Shopping Early

When do you start your Christmas shopping?

If you are like most people, you procrastinate and wait until Thanksgiving or later before you begin your Christmas shopping.  This year, I am trying something new and beginning my Christmas shopping now, yes, now in March!  I was at Kohl’s recently and I checked out the home goods clearance section in the back of the store.  I stumbled upon bins of wrapping paper, ornaments, and other miscellaneous Christmas items and started thinking – why do I wait until the last-minute to do all of my Christmas shopping?  I don’t have a good answer to this question and you probably don’t either.

Top five reasons why you need to start shopping for Christmas now!

  1. The gifts you give will be carefully selected. You will have time to think about and choose thoughtful gifts that your loved ones and friends actually want and need.  No more going into a store the Saturday before Christmas knowing you MUST come out with something.
  2. You can find amazing deals on items clearanced from this past Christmas season. I bought three rolls of wrapping paper and a gorgeous mercury glass candle for $4.82, I saved $40.50!  No one will know that your presents are wrapped in 2012 wrapping paper or that the clothing, accessories, or cool gadgets you gave them were clearanced! *If you do buy clearanced clothing as gifts, be sure you know the gift recipient well, because you won’t want to include a gift receipt on something you bought marked down 80% nor will they be able to return an item you purchased nine months before Christmas.
  3. No crazy Christmas crowds. You can avoid the crowds and chaos that ensue once Thanksgiving rolls around.  No need to be a defensive shopper and grab every item you are contemplating buying in fear that another ravenous shopper will snatch it up before you.  I have seen this happen too many times and even saw a shoving match in a Walmart over a DVD player a few years ago.  Way to keep it classy and about Christmas!
  4. You will not be “Christmas poor” come the end of December – beginning of January.  You can set a budget, make your list, and still have money in December.  Every year, my husband and I manage to overspend on Christmas.  I have already bought gifts for two people on my list.  My plan is to buy one or two gifts each month and by November I should be done shopping.
  5. You will be able to relax and enjoy the Christmas season!  You will thank yourself come December when you are enjoying your time with your family, instead of stressing over shopping and how to pay for last-minute gifts.

Start thinking ahead – make your list, set your budget, and pick up gifts here and there!   

2 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping Early

  1. This sounds like my Christmas shopping strategy! We bought alot of non-perishable stocking stuffers for our little ones when everything was marked 90% off after Christmas, and are using the perishables as potty rewards to help our daughter finish potty training. This also helps for keeping gifts put up for birthday parties, buying gifts that are perfect for someone’s birthday/Father’s Day/etc. if you happen to see them early. I keep a sort of “gift closet”. Some gifts are generic, for occasions that come up, while others are bought specifically for an individual person and event. Great tips! :)

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