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Perks of Having a VS Angel Card

I have had a Victoria’s Secret Angel credit card since college. The perks of having an Angel card are awesome, especially during your birthday month! Victoria’s Secret will send you great coupons for $10 off or more every month, plus a monthly coupon for a free panty, no strings attached. You can literally walk into VS, find the panty in your size, then hand the cashier the coupon and leave!

I buy all of my bikinis, bras, and underwear on sale or clearance using the coupons I receive via mail and email from VS. You can spend a small fortune on undergarments if you aren’t a frugal shopper!

I have mentioned in previous posts that I do not condone the use of buying items on credit. I do however, believe in using credit card discounts and perks to your fabulous frugal advantage!

When I charge a purchase, I pay off the balance the same day online. I find this to be the best system for me. I get the additional credit card discount, rewards, and points, without accruing any debt.

I received this package in the mail today from VS. I bought 2 bras, 3 pairs of the lacy panties (best underwear ever!), and a bikini for $80! I used 3 coupon codes – free shipping and 2 $10 off coupons. Everything was on sale, of course! I even got a free weekender duffel and another secret reward that will be a minimum of $10 off and possibly up to $500!

Consider the perks of a VS Angel Card. I know people who spend as much on 1 bra, as I did on this entire order. How much did you spend on your last bra?

5 thoughts on “Perks of Having a VS Angel Card

  1. Me too! I got the striped bag to match the hot pink one I got last summer, the free underwear, discounted new bra, new lipgloss, and a couple of the t shirts. I love the perks, walked out of there with a ton of stuff plus that mystery card. Love!!

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