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Outfit of the Day – Spring Peplum

Date: 3.1.13

Occasion: My 31st Birthday Dinner

Total Price (Clothes, Shoes, Accessories): $248.98

Clothes Price: $33.99

Clothes and Accessories: 

Coral Graphic Print Peplum  with back cut-out by Paper Crane $14.99 TJ Maxx

Mint Green Skinny Jeans by Fire Los Angeles $19 TJ Maxx

Nude Wedge Pumps $7.99 Forever 21

Badgley Mischka Rose Gold Watch $89 Costco

Rose Gold Swarovski Crystal Earrings $40 Macy’s

Michael Kors Rose Gold Concave Pave Pendant Necklace $78 Macy’s

Inspiration: Polyvore Set I created

Deals and Details: The overall cost of this outfit seems a lot, but I received all of the rose gold accessories as Christmas gifts, which my husband did a great job finding on sale and using coupons!  The peplum top, skinny jeans, and pumps were only $41.98! I don’t consider myself a very trendy person.  I try to buy clothing that I will be able to wear for several years and layer so I can wear for more than one season.  For me this coral, graphic print peplum was a bit of a risk, but I am glad I bought it.  I forgot to get a picture of the back, it has a really cute cut-out in the mid-back!  I think it goes well with the mint green skinny jeans, which I love!  They are by the same label that made the skinny jeans in this look and this look.  When I find something I like, at a great price, I will by the same item in several colors/prints.

This pic is of my husband and me at dinner on my birthday.  Thanks to my BFF for taking this picture! I think my rose gold accessories complimented the coral of the peplum top nicely.

 I found these adorable wedge pumps at Forever 21 clearanced to $7.99!  Yes, I am 31 years-old and I shop at Forever 21!  I think you can find great accessories at Forever 21 and try new trends from there before investing in something that you will never wear again.

Hope you had a great Monday!  Stay fabulous and be frugal!

❤ Kari

6 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day – Spring Peplum

    1. Thank you so much! Find out when your TJ Maxx gets their new shipments and maybe you can find something more trendy. I apologize for not replying sooner! Somehow your comment was in my spam folder :-)

  1. I’m inspired by your series of brightly colored skinny jeans! I struggle with colorful pants. The color of these is amazing.

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