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Enjoy Your Weekend!


Stay Fabulous and Be Frugal

Have a great weekend!  I am going to live by these words this weekend and take a break from the blogoshere.

❤ Kari

4 thoughts on “Enjoy Your Weekend!

  1. I think I am frugal shopping at yard sales and thrift stores. The problem with that is it turns into clutter which turns into stress. So, I’m trying to buy only what I need. It is easy to be blinded by what you think you want.

  2. Pick the version that works for you, ie enpeolves, folders, baseball card holder, etc then either write out or type out in either ABC or by isle what coupons you have, their exp date & their worth (spreadsheet would be ideal for this) and have a print out in the front of your coupons, so as you shop you can put a check next to the coupons you are going to use. Then just before you check out, go thru and collect the coupons you are using and you will have them all there. This way you don’t have to continue flipping thru what you have to see if you have what you need Happy Couponing!

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