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Outfit of the Day – Chambray and Pastel

Date: 2.26.13

Occasion: casual

Total Cost: $78.98

Chambray shirt with pink skinny jeans outfit of the day

Clothes and Accessories:

  • Chambray shirt $17.99 Forever 21
  • Pink Skinny Jeans $19.99 Nordstrom Rack
  • Fringe Scarf $6 Target
  • White Cork Steve Madden Wedge Sandals $35 Nordstrom Rack

Deals and Details: The whole trend or borderline obsession with chambray is very interesting to me.  I was a child of the 1980’s and to me, chambray is a fancy term for light-colored denim.  I like this shirt from Forever 21, but I don’t love it.  I would prefer a more tailored or fitted top.  It is a bit too flowy for my liking, but it is versatile and can be worn numerous ways and I will be able to wear it in summer.

Fringe scarf from Target girls department, much cheaper than the women's accessories.

Shopping Tip: I had an epiphany in Target this weekend, scarves are sold in the girls department!  I looked in the girls department and found this scarf for $6.  I love the color and the fringe.  I also love the fact that I did not pay the $15-$20 all of the scarves in the women’s accessories department cost!  From now on, I am going to scope out the girls department for scarves and accessories.

❤ Kari


12 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day – Chambray and Pastel

  1. I’ve been sooo inspired recently to think outside the box when I shop. I was going to buy a leopard print pencil skirt, size 5 and wear as an infinity scarf! I’m kicking myself for not getting it, just $5!! I’ll have to remember this tip next time and check the girls dept. ;)

  2. I was lucky enough to see this ensemble in person and it really goes together fabulously. I don’t have a creative imagination when it comes to fashion and that is why I love reading your blog. XO

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