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Outfit of the Day – Pink Metallic Zebra

Date: 2.23.13

Occasion: casual Saturday

Total Cost: $36.47

Pink Metallic Zebra

Metallic Zebra Flats Target

Coach Poppy Metallic Large ToteClothes and Accessories:

  • Pink long-sleeve t shirt $5 Gap
  • Skinny Jeans $9.99 Forever 21
  • Metallic Zebra Flats $7.48 Target
  • Black Cotton Scarf $5 Flea market
  • Coach Poppy Metallic Tote Gift!
  • White Rhinestone Watch $9 Target

Deals and Details:

I love these metallic zebra flats. They add a touch of whimsy and lots of sparkle to any outfit! The $9 skinny jeans from Forever 21 are the only item I wore today that I paid full price for.

Many people are too impatient to wait for sales or to take the time to look through racks of clothes. When you pay full price, you are often paying for the convenience of being able to go up to a display and easily find your size. I think of shopping as a challenge and I actually enjoy digging through racks and bins looking for the size, style, and color I want.

Have a wonderful weekend!
❤ Kari

7 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day – Pink Metallic Zebra

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