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Outfit of the Day – Animal Print Skinny Jeans

Date: 2.20.13

Occasion: Work, Casual

Total Cost: $55.48

Outfit of the Day Animal print skinny jeans

Clothes & Accessories:

  • Navy Three-Quarter Sleeve Cardigan $9.50 Gap Outlet
  • Animal Print Skinny Jeans $19.99 Nordstrom Rack
  • Orange Ballet Flats w/bow detail $9.99 Target
  • Green Metallic Scarf $5 Forever 21
  • Orange Bracelet & Ring with Floral Detail $4 & $2 Forever 21
  • Silver Hoop Earrings $5 Cost Plus World Market

Details & Deals: Those of you who have been following my blog in the two weeks it has been up and running (thank you!), most likely you have noticed that I love animal prints.  When I found these skinny animal print jeans at Nordstrom Rack last month, I had to buy them!  I love that they are a neutral khaki color and will go with everything, also the print is subtle and not so in your face.  I haven’t had time to get them hemmed yet but a tip to all you fellow petite ladies, just tuck and fold the bottom of each leg inside the pant leg.  In a pinch, it is a quick fix for long skinny jeans.  I like the combination of navy blue, green, and orange.  The three colors are complimentary colors (something you probably learned in high school or college art class), colors directly across from each other on the color wheel.  Wearing complimentary colors makes your outfit pop.  Give it a try!

color wheel

Happy Wednesday!  What are your thoughts on animal prints?  Love ’em or hate ’em?  Let me know!

~ Kari

8 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day – Animal Print Skinny Jeans

    1. Thanks! They are great jeans! I bought them last month at Nordstrom Rack, they had tons of skinny jeans for $19.99 in the juniors section, lots of gorgeous pastels for spring and summer! If you get them, post pics :-)

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