Freezer Breakfast Burritos

I feel like anyone who has a job, has hectic, stressful, and sometimes chaotic mornings. Something I’ve started doing to make my mornings easier is making breakfast burritos ahead of time and freezing them. I heat one in the microwave for one minute and thirty seconds add a little of my favorite hot sauce and I’m good to go!
Step 1
Decide how many burritos you want to make. Once you decide, you will need the following ingredients:
1 flour tortilla per burrito
1 egg per burrito
About 1 oz of sausage per burrito ( I usually make around 16, so I buy 1lb of sausage)
1 can of fat free, low sodium refried beans
2 c shredded cheese
Plastic wrap
Freezer bags

Spread your tortillas on a clean, flat counter or table. I find the process goes quickly if I make these assembly-line style.

Step 2
Thoroughly cook the sausage. I have used turkey, Italian, and chorizo. Use whatever you like.

Step 3
While the sausage is cooking, spread the beans on the tortillas.

Step 4
Drain sausage and become cooking eggs.  Add sausage to eggs, while eggs are cooking sprinkle cheese on top of beans.

Step 5
Add sausage to eggs and fully cook eggs.

Step 6
Evenly distribute egg and sausage mixture onto tortillas.

Step 7
Roll up burritos. I find this to be the most tedious part. Pull out the plastic wrap and place each burrito on the wrap.


Step 8
Once all the burritos are individually wrapped, place in freezer bags.

After a bit of trial and error, my husband and I have found the optimal cooking time is one minute thirty seconds with the burrito taken out of the plastic wrap and wrapped in a paper towel.

Give these a try, you will love them and your mornings will be a little better!

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